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  • Council or Event Management Involvement
    As a guide, council or event management can assist or look after the following… Venue – ideally the site for the stage or outdoor cinema screen should be level and firm. Traffic Management - including staff for ticketing and supervision of parking Liaison with Police and Emergency Services Security and Fencing (if required) Artists Change Room or Marquee Power Supply for stage production Meals - Artist and Crew Accommodation for crew and artists (if required) Coordination of Food and Beverage outlets Ticketing Advertising
  • Ticketing
    can be handled through: Eventbrite Eventix
  • Outdoor Stage
    We have several outdoor stage options to choose from: Our most popular stage is Outdoor Fast Stage which includes: 10m x 6m stage with roof Sound System Stage Lighting Professional Crew Stage can be setup witin 2 - 3 hours Outdoor Wind Rating Outdoor structures are subject to weather conditions. Safe wind working condition is up to 75Km per hour (however may be subject to change) Other options can include: Large LED screen with camera system for close-ups of the performance Fireworks Food Outlets ...and much more.
  • Artists
    We can assist with the selection of live entertainment through our network of artist managers and agencies, or you can provide local performers or a combination of both.
  • Outdoor Cinema
    Our standard LED Screen in 10m x 4m which is rigged to a truss-arch. Ideally we require the day prior to the event for bump-in and testing. It generally takes 6-8 hours to bump-in the equipment. We can provide FM broadcast to in-car radio or a suitable sound system to cover the audience viewing area. The cost to show movies depends on the movie distributor; we can guide you to the relevant agency. Options can include: DJ stage with lighting and speakers.
  • FM Broadcast Licensing
    Via ACMA NB: it generally takes around 4-6 weeks for FM transmission licensing approval

About Us

Great Outdoor Events is part of the Live Event Services group.
We provide professional event production and creative solutions with a ‘no-problem, can-do’ attitude.

As one of Australia’s most experienced event production companies, delivering seamless events for over 45 years, our technical support and production services cater to a wide range of events from:
  • Gala Award Ceremonies
  • Concerts and Festivals
  • Product Launches
  • Conferences
  • Activations
  • Road Shows
  • AGMs
  • Exhibitions
  • Media Event
  • ...and many more

Information provided on this website, is for general information and on the understanding that Great Outdoor Events is not providing professional advice for a particular event, venue or artist.


It's your responsibility to provide us with as much information as possible to ensure your particular circumstances are catered for. We can assist with the management of any listed logistics and services. Please ask about our pre & post production services and costs.


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